Why you should care about dosing

Today we wanted to share with you the importance of dosing, how often, when, and why.

Merriam-Webster defines dosing as 1a: the measured quantity of a therapeutic agent to be taken at one time.

Why is dosing so important? Most products that are found on the market contain under-dosed ingredients; with the data available, it is important to dose ingredients based on science and not of opinion or cost.

Oasis Health

Dosing can also change during the formulation process so an ingredient that may have started at a certain level, however, during the process when it is formulated, may lose some of its effectiveness. Which is why we test our products along the supply chain, to ensure the dosing is correct with the final product.

Most of our products are a single, one-per-day dose (some of you may have physician’s doubling you up on some supplements for your situation). We do recommend that our supplements are taken in the morning with food.

The 2nd most important fact about supplements is consistency.

Typically, we are used to a one-and-done, we have a pain, we take an aspirin or ibuprofen and off we go. With supplements, these have to build-up in your system to begin to take effect. Remember, Rome was not built in a day, and it may take a few weeks for you to feel the difference. You may even feel like “nothing has changed,” and that is because you are feeling like you should – good and pain-free!

This is because you have been dedicated to taking your supplements daily, and the ingredients are doing their job. But do not be fooled and think you should stop taking your supplement; once that build-up leaves your system, you may start to feel those aches and pains again.

Our team of physicians has brought both science and nature together, to create this premium line of supplements, topicals, and CBD to complement your personal care plan.

So, stay the course – take your supplements every day!