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Our Products Have Outstanding
Purity In Their Sourcing Of Raw Materials
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Oasis Health’s line of Premium Products was formulated by Rheumatologists for Physicians to provide patients a natural, preventative approach as part of their overall wellness plan. All products are third party tested for purity with verified sourcing and are manufactured in the USA. These nutritional supplements are designed to help achieve patient goals, are backed by science, have outstanding potency, and are packaged for patient convenience. Our products are free of both gluten and GMOs.
Our physician formulators have spent decades helping improve their patient’s journey. By bringing science and nature together, the Oasis line of products provides an integrative approach to complement their medical care. By analyzing the science, we’ve been able to create therapeutically-dosed products for the ultimate patient benefit.


Therapeutically dosed based on science


3rd party tested for precision


Designed for convenience and adherence