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We Analyze Healthcare, Data and Information
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Oasis Health works directly with the largest Rheumatology group in the country to provide patients with therapeutically dosed products. Each product line was formulated by physicians and based on clinical data that supports dosing for each of the ingredients delivered in the products.  

Oasis has created unique delivery systems for its product lines to ensure accuracy and takes the guess work out of daily utilization. Physicians spend valuable time discussing OTC products with patients but have limited access to quality recommendations based on what is available in the open market. Oasis was built for this reason – to support the growing demand for alternative, premium quality therapeutic options for patients.

Our team of formulators provide Clinical Trainings on each of the product lines. Oasis also has access to ongoing support material and educational content to help you, the physician, make the best recommendation possible to your patients.


“Most of my patients have had a tremendous response to these supplements, which has helped not only their disease control but their quality of life as well."

—Jagindra M.


“The convenience of dosing with the daily-dose consolidated sachets is a unique feature that improves patient satisfaction.”

—Dan K.

“Oasis takes the guesswork out of correct dosing and combining of products. It gives my patients high quality supplements that are appropriately sourced.” 

—Priya R


“Our patients who have tried the Ocean Breeze Pain Cream love it. Thank you for such an amazing product.”

—Brandy M.